Latex Care

Latex must be cared for properly to ensure it will last you a life time!

Firstly you must store latex clean and talc’ed and away from daylight. Do not just hang in wardrobe, best storage is in a black bag.

Make sure you WASH your latex pieces after wearing - instructions below.

The best product for latex care is Vivishine, which is for sale in store and on the website.

To use: take clean latex garment, and in a container of water with just a few drops of the vivishine product, rinse garment in water, hang to dry on plastic hanger and items will have a lasting shine and will also make dressing much easier.

Don’t use any oil based products (vaseline/babyoil/etc) on your latex garment as it will damage it. 


To clean:

After wearing be sure to clean your garments as soon as possible. Fill bath or sink with warm water and add a good amount of washing up liquid. You can leave to soak for a while after swirling the garments around in the soapy water. Use shower head to rinse several times until all soap and debris is gone. Make sure to hang carefully on PLASTIC hangers (do not hang directly over shower curtail rail or towel rail) and leave to dry. When dry lightly talc inside and out and fold neatly into storage bag, you can also of course hang in a wardrobe, but its better to fold and keep in a drawer.

And of course if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

We can also undertake repairs. This is not always the case if the damage is too great. Please email for details.